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Lyrica and Sciatica

How does Lyrica and Sciatica relate to one another? Pain with Sciatica can impair a normal life and cause excruciating pain. It can and will restrict your ability to walk and maybe the ability to move. Usually the pain is mainly on one side of the body. It will start at the lower back and move its way down the hip and even all the way down to the toes.

It is often misdiagnosed as a disease but in fact, Lyrica and sciatica are a combination that will help to relieve the chronic pain that can result from a compressed or pinched nerve or an irritation to the nerve. The treatment needed will all depend on what's causing the compressed or pinched nerve.

Lyrica and sciatica pain management is a very important part of the nerve treatment process. Any movement will cause pain, and the patient prefers to restrict their movement because of the pain involved. So if they just sit idle, that is much easier than all the pain. But this can be dangerous and can cause stiffness in the muscles and joints. And this will cause even more problems and pain.

The key to treating this, the key to all alternative remedies for sciatica is exercise. Pain management is necessary, but even so, the patient is advised to maintain an exercise program.

There is an anticonvulsant with a generic molecule called pregabalin, that has shown some great and encouraging results to treat chronic pain. this pregabalin is marketed under the trade name Lyrica. This is where Lyrica and sciatica meet to help those who suffer from the chronic pain. There are some side effects and a few of them are:

- Drowsiness and dizziness; Advised not to drive or operate machinery
- Edema and weight gain; Studies show an increased incidence in weight gain
- Blurred vision; 6% patients in the trials reported blurred vision
- Cardiac patients; Not advised for cardiac patients
- Depression
- Memory loss
- Hallucination
- Confusion

As you can see there are some risks in using Lyrica and sciatica pain treatment. If you are using this drug, do not stop use immediately, it is habit forming and will need to be tapered off to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment for Sciatica:Tip #1

1. Ice - In the first 48 hours, you need to use ice to help reduce the inflammation which is around the nerve. This can help to stop it from getting worse. Use the ice for 10 minutes, then off for 10 and on again for 10 minutes. Keep doing this 2 or 3 times

Treatment for Sciatica:Tip #2

2. Stretching You have a muscle called the Piriformis muscle. This muscle has the sciatic nerve running through it or along side it. By stretching this muscle you are able to ease the pain quickly.

Treatment for Sciatica:Tip #3

3. Pelvis Balance This is a great treatment for sciatica because the pelvis is what keeps everything in balance. If your pelvis is balanced, then the tension will ease off all the other areas. You can do this by lying down on the floor. Place your hand under each side of your pelvis where you would wear your belt. As you are doing this, notice if there is more pressure on one side or the other. If here is more pressure on one side compared to the other, then your pelvis is not balanced.

Treatment for Sciatica:Tip #4

4. Move You need to keep moving, not too fast, but move. If you sit for to long at a time, your muscles will tighten much quicker. Have you ever noticed that your pain is worse in the morning after sleeping all night? When you are able to move, this helps your pain ease a little. This is why moving is an important treatment for sciatica.

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